Michener Art Museum

Antonin Raymond

Antonin and Noemi Raymond, photo courtesy of Mr. Stephen Shilowitz, A.I.A., curator, Antonin Raymond Travel Exhibition
BORN: May 10, 1888, Kladno, Bohemia
DIED: October 25, 1976, Langhorn, Pennsylvania

To keep one's creative capacity at a high pitch and to achieve true integration an architect should condition himself by seriously practicing the related arts and crafts: painting, sculpture, pottery, textile design, furniture, lighting fixture, and of course gardens and the environment. Noemi and I practice all of these.- Antonin Raymond, Extract of Principles of Antonin Raymond, Architect

Antonin Raymond was an architect, painter, sculptor, and craftsman known, along with his wife and collaborator Noemi, for his design of interior as well as exterior environments. Born and educated in Czechoslovakia, Raymond trained with the Cass Gilbert architectural firm in New York and with architect Frank Lloyd Wright. From 1919 through the 1960s Raymond worked intermittently in Japan, helping to rebuild it first after the Kanto earthquake in 1923 and again after World War II. Even as Raymond introduced modern architectural practices to Japan, he derived inspiration from its native design, the organic structure and clean form which impressed him. Raymond's architectural style was both utilitarian and ornamental, extensively using glass and reinforced concrete. He created not only a building but an environment, taking into consideration external features such as land formations and weather patterns, as well as interior furnishings and decorative objects, many of which his wife Noemi designed. Raymond's creative pursuits extended beyond architecture; he also painted, sculpted, and crafted pottery.