Michener Art Museum

Anne Cooper Dobbins

BORN: 1936, Louisville, Kentucky
DIED: December 12, 2009, Ottsville, Pennsylvania

I like to leave the door open, so the viewer can ask questions. I think the more questions asked, the more interesting the work.

Anne Cooper Dobbins was born in Louisville, Kentucky and was a graduate of the Washington University School of Fine Arts. She was the recipient of a Fulbright Grant and was a resident at the MacDowell Colony. Dobbins' work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country including; The Library of Congress, Silvermine Guild in Connecticut, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Speed Museum in Louisville, and the Poindexter Gallery in New York City.
She captures inner emotion and mystery of her subjects by using minimal detail and bold colors. Her muted backgrounds and simplification of forms give her work an almost ethereal subtlety.
Dobbin's subject matter ranges from portraits, animals, and her trademark of flowers. She uses a highly individualistic technique of "underpainting"- applying layers upon layers of the paint to the canvas. This technique evokes a powerful and bold statement from each of her paintings.
Anne Cooper Dobbin's combination of design, color, and simplification of forms result in highly enigmatic works.