Michener Art Museum

Anita Groenendahl

BORN: January 1, 1941, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
DIED: January 23, 1994, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Anita Gronendahl was a highly respected serigraphic, or silk screen, artist., Her print work displayed strong structure and control. After she rediscovered her interest in watercolor, with which she was very accomplished, her silk screens became much more colorful and romantic. One of her prints was chosen for use on a UNICEF greeting card. Gronendahl worked and exhibited her pieces in her Barn Studio Gallery, a converted eighteenth-century barn near Doylestown. She staged several shows a year, not only of her own work, but of other artists, as well. Gronendahl taught the silk screen process in her studio and at the Abington Art Center, and was active in helping other artists get their start. Her work has been included in seven National Print Exhibitions and is represented in several permanent collections and local institutions. Gronendahl won over one hundred awards during her career.