Michener Art Museum

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Jackie Calderone Painter
Allan Campbell Fiction Writer, Stage & Screen Artist
Kitty Carlisle Hart Stage & Screen Artist
Clarence Holbrook Carter Painter
Nelson Case Stage & Screen Artist
Myles Cavanaugh Painter
Vincent Ceglia Painter
Thomas Cernea Architect
Paula Chamlee Painter, Photographer
Jane Charry Painter
John Charry Craftsperson, Sculptor
Sheldon Cheney Nonfiction Writer
Charles Child Painter, Fiction Writer, Nonfiction Writer
Jerome Chodorov Stage & Screen Artist, Fiction Writer
Merle Citron Painter
Harold Hewitt Clark Nonfiction Writer
Sara Maynard Clark Photographer, Nonfiction Writer
Nik S. Clements Photographer
Alex Cohen Painter
Lester Cohen Fiction Writer
Charles T. Coiner Painter
Constance E. Coleman Photographer, Printmaker, Videographer
(Connie and Alan) Coleman and Powell Photographer, Videographer
Morgan Colt Architect, Craftsperson, Painter
Marjorie Content Photographer
Diana Contine Craftsperson
Peter Cook Painter
Roger Cook Sculptor
Fern I. Coppedge Painter
William Cotton Fiction Writer, Painter
James Gould Cozzens Fiction Writer
David R. Crane Craftsperson, Sculptor
Ralston Crawford Painter, Photographer
Joseph Crilley Painter, Photographer
Paul Crostwaite Painter