10 Best Art Papers for (Maker, Paint, Pen, and Pencil)

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Artists can testify that they get excited after getting the best results from their daily art projects. But then, good results only come through employing great professionalism and tools that are known to take projects to higher levels.

Art papers for instance are simple devices that artists and designers employ to achieve splendid results out of their work. Now, what are the best art papers worthy to take the project to higher marketable levels?

Our review provides readers and prospective buyers with the best art paper that is worth trying by artists and designers. Experts have done diligent scrutiny of different paper brands and found out the best options to use.

After a complete review of the top models, we have also prepared a shopping guide for easy selection by buyers. Let’s have a glance at what artists and designers should use to up their game in this industry. 

Editor’s Choice:

10 Best Art Paper Reviews

Selecting a worthwhile art paper isn’t an as easy task as many people might think about. Diligent research on the available options is the only way that will lead you in choosing what’s best to use.

If you have struggled to select the best art papers, you are on a platform that gives you what’s required.

Below are the best art paper brands professional artists and designers employ to take their projects higher and higher.

1. Canson 100510941 XL Series Art Paper for Watercolor

Canson 100510941 XL Series Watercolor Pad, 1 Pack, Multicolor
  • Cold press textured paper.
  • Recommended for use with watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink, marker, colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, and pastel.
  • Durable surface withstands repeated washes.
  • Acid free. Natural white color and texture
  • Also available in 11" x 14", 12" x 18", and 18" x 24".

Our review starts with our favorite art papers, Canson 100510941 XL models that have gained space for a couple of decades. What makes these art papers different and unique in the market is their great versatility.

Featuring cold-press textured paper, these models make the perfect options for several techniques. They are a great deal for use with acrylic, colored pencils, pastel, watercolor, pencil charcoal pen, and ink. 

These are models that suit artists and designers who are passionate about water media. Unlike other art papers in the market, experts recommend these models due to their great durability.

The level of clarity and elegance will ever withstand even after passing through repeated washes.  

Most people love them because they come with different sizes buyers will choose from. Canson 100510941 XL paper sizes range between, 11″ x 14″, 12″ x 18″, and 18″ x 24″.

Customer packages contain 30 student-quality sheets that are ideal for many mixed media and watercolor techniques. Consequently, the papers are acid-free and they have natural-looking white color and texture. 


  • Versatile art papers
  • Durable models
  • Excellent texture
  • Great performers


  • Not good for fine prints

2. Colorations Art Paper for Marker

Colorations Art Paper, Drawing, Painting Paper, Watercolor Painting, Finger Painting, Paint, Arts and Crafts, 9" x 12", 100 Sheets, Kids Crafts (9UP)
  • SOAK RESISTANT SURFACE: Engineered with 'sizing' to keep wet paint on the paper instead of soaking through onto the table top or paper below. Less mess, no waste.
  • VERSATILE: Use with Liquid Watercolor Paints, Finger Paints, Tempera Paints, Bio Color Paints, Gel Paints. Also use with crayons, markers, chalk, pencils.
  • ART SUPPLIES: 9" x 12" , 100 sheets. Art paper for all ages and mediums
  • LEARNING AND EXPLORING: . Use brushes and sponges for different effects. Learn about painting, colors, blending. Introduce kids to creating, exploring, expressing - a world of discovery while improving fine motor skills
  • CLASSROOM OR HOME USE: Use at home, in the classroom. Painting, Drawing, Creating. Discover art and creativity while having fun. Artwork, bullet boards, signs, charts.

Second, on the list are the Colorations Art Papers that have proved to be excellent in the art and design industry. What makes these art papers unique in the market is their soak-resistant surfaces feature.

Manufacturers engineer them with sizing to prevent the soaking of paint applied to them. People who have tried Colorations Art Papers can testify that they lead into no messes or waste at all. 

Moreover, versatility is also another excellent thing that makes these art papers unique in the market. You can use them with finger paints, bio color paints, liquid watercolor paints, gel, and tempera paints.

Apart from that, artists can use them with markers, pencils, crayons, and chalk. Being premium models in the market, these papers apply for all mediums and to people of all ages. Customer packages contain 100 sheets measuring 9″ x 12″.

Moreover, Colorations Art Papers are best for artists and designers who need to learn and explore new things. Learners can employ sponges and brushes to get a view of different effects.

You can discover several art and creative things as well as introduce friends and kids to fine art. Colorations Art Papers are excellent both for home and classroom use. 


  • Quality art papers
  • Versatile models
  • Durable papers
  • Provides eye-catching art prints


More ink employed than expected

3. Strathmore 400 Series Art Paper for Oil Pastels

People who need to master oil and dry pastel art techniques should choose nothing other than Strathmore 400 art papers.

What makes these art papers different in the market is their heavy-weight designs and excellent texture finishes. Made in the USA, these papers are excellent when exploring oil and dry pastel art. 

Unlike other art papers, users can stick them to any surface to accomplish their art projects. Customer packages contain 24, 80b 9″x12″ sheets buyers can use to explore more about art and design. These are acid-free pastel papers that come in different kinds of tints.

With that in mind, customers should worry less about their artwork projects getting damaged by any agent.

Consequently, flipping over or removing papers is simplest when in need to work on a new page. All Strathmore 400 Series Pastel Pad models are glue-bound to enable easy flipping and removing of papers.

That’s not all, buyers should not worry about the cost of these papers since the sheets are affordable than others. Their texture works perfectly with soft pastels, but still, they do well with both soft and oil pastels. 


  • Affordable art papers
  • Excellent texture
  • Best with watercolor art
  • Quality art papers


  • Not good for fine art prints

4. Artisto 9×12″ Premium Sketch Book Set

Artisto 9x12" Premium Sketch Book Set, Spiral Bound, Pack of 2, 200 Sheets (100g/m2), Acid-Free Drawing Paper, Ideal for Kids, Teens & Adults.
  • Premium Paper Quality - Feel the difference, enjoy spiral bound sketch pads for drawing that offers 200 bright white sketch paper with perfect texture for drawing, sketching and illustrating. All at the affordable price.
  • Perfect for all artists - Whether you are the veteran or novice artist you are sure to find the right sketchbook for your needs. This set of sketchbooks works excellently with all dry media including pen, pencil, charcoal, pastels, crayons, and sketching sticks.
  • Each sheet measures 9x12 inches Acid-Free (pH Neutral) paper - 68lb./100gsm. Appreciate how color, absorbency, texture, weight and size contribute to help you create different artistic effects.
  • Spiral-bound makes it smoothly and easily to turn to pages. Plus, every page is micro-perforated, it allows you to easily remove single pages as and when required.
  • 100% Guaranteed: If your product does not perform to your expectations, just let us know & we will send you a free replacement or refund you!

Forth on the list are the Artisto art paper models that beat the rest due to their excellent quality foam. With them, you can feel the difference using spiral-bound sketch pads for drawing sketches and illustrations.

Customer packages contain 200 bright white papers users can employ to explore new art projects. Worry less about the cost of sheets since they are all obtained at affordable prices. 

What makes them excellent art papers is their great versatility like other premium models in the market. They suit both novice and expert artists and designers who need to take their projects to higher levels.

Unlike other art papers around, Artisto 9×12″ Premium Sketch Book Set works perfectly with all dry media. They can work with a pencil, pastel, sketching sticks, pen, charcoal, and crayons. 

Like other paper models, these are acid-free options that measure 9×12 inches each. Their size, color, weight, absorbency, and texture contribute big in making excellent effects in the daily artistic projects.

Turning pages is easy and smooth with its spiral-bound feature. That’s not all, manufacturers make these papers micro-perforated for easy removal when in need. 


  • 100% Guaranteed 
  • Quality art papers
  • Durable models
  • Versatile 


  • Lacks the velvety expected

5. Melissa & Doug Sketch for Colored Pencils

Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad (9 x 12 inches) - 50 Sheets, 2-Pack
  • SPIRAL-BOUND SKETCHPAD: The Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad 2-Pack features two 50-page spiral-bound full-size sketchpads measuring 9” x 12” that’s designed for the young artist on the go.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PAPER: Our kids’ art pads are made of portfolio-quality fade-resistant, acid-free white paper. Their durable paper is exceptional for pencils, charcoals, markers, and crayons.
  • ADDED DRAWING INSTRUCTIONS: This coloring pad 2-pack for kids includes step-by-step instructions for drawing a face and a horse that are easy for younger kids to understand.
  • KEEPS KIDS ENTERTAINED: The Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad 2-Pack for kids is a high-quality art supply that helps kids explore their creativity. Maintaining an ample supply of sketch paper gives kids a convenient option for screen-free fun.
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.”

Young artists who need to explore more in this industry should try the Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad Sheets. What made these art papers popular is The Gold Standard in Childhood Plaything introduced three decades ago.

With a sufficient supply of drawing papers, these models provide kids are best at providing kids fun. 

Like other art paper models in the market, the spiral-bound feature makes turning to different pages a breeze. Customer packages contain 250 full-size sketchpads sufficient to keep you and your children free from the screen.

Being premium art papers around, users should worry less about their projects being destroyed or fading prematurely. Manufacturers design them using portfolio-quality fade-free papers that won’t soak easily. 

Their versatility is also something that has to lead them to take a slot in this review. Measuring 9” x 12”, Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad sheets are perfect models for use with crayons, pencils, markers, and charcoal.

The art papers come with drawing instructions that guide kids and other users to explore their creativity. 


  • Provide excellent art prints
  • Versatile art printers
  • Quality models
  • Great for novice artists


  • Poor thickness

6. BB Bachmore Drawing Paper for Graphite

Bachmore Sketchpad 9X12" Inch (68lb/100g), 100 Sheets of TOP Spiral Bound Sketch Book for Artist Pro & Amateurs | Marker Art, Colored Pencil, Charcoal for Sketching
  • WONDERFUL DESIGN FEATURES - Top spiral make our sketchpad friendly for both left-handed and right-handed, paper inside the sketchbook is very beautiful & smooth while drawing. Pages are easily torn from the notebook with punctures. Perfect use for adults & kids.
  • SUPER PRACTICAL CHARACTERISTICS - These papers are made of acid-free paper with thick, strong, slick-smooth white & durable features. These papers can be used for any dry pens like Oily color pencils, charcoal, sketching stick, and other dry media pencils.
  • HARDBOUND SKETCH PAD: 100% handmade hard covers, especially the hard bottom pad both of the covers defiantly help protect your artwork safely.
  • INCLUDES - 1 pack of sketchbook with size 9’’ x 12’’, 100 inside paper. The weight for each paper is 68lb/100gram, which is much thicker and better than the similar sketchbook offered by other brands.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're ever unsatisfied with this product or any of our other products, please contact us and we'll either send you a replacement or a full refund within one month!

The wonderful design features in these art papers place them top of others in the market. None of the art papers in the market have got the design that considers both the right-handed and left-handed artists.

Bachmore Sketchpad papers boast a top spiral that makes them serve the best people who use different hands to do their artwork. They make the perfect art papers for both adults and kids who need to learn more about the artwork. 

Another difference these art papers display is the display of super practical features that don’t exist in other models. They are not only slick-smooth, thick, and strong but also acid-free and more durable than other market models. 

Their versatility is also another thing that leads them to have a slot in this review. You can employ them with any dry pen including charcoal, dry media pencil, oily color pencil, and sketching sticks. 

Customer packages include 100 sheets measuring 9’’ x 12’’, sufficient sheets to explore different artwork projects. Weighing 100gram per sheet, this is an indication that they are much thicker compared with other art paper models.

That’s not all, they boast hardcovers that protect artists and designer works safely. Customers who aren’t satisfied with delivered models can request a refund or a replacement for the same. 


  • Best for both adults and kids
  • Durable art papers
  • Guaranteed refund or replacement
  • Versatile models


  • Poor handling

7. Crayola Marker and Watercolor Pad for Drawing

Crayola Marker and Watercolor Pad 8 x10 Inches , 50 pages White
  • This package contains one 8x10in, paper pad
  • Fifty heavy, bright white papers

Nothing should stop you from providing your kids fun by exploring different artwork projects to keep them away from screens.

Most people love these models for their effectiveness in providing kids with sufficient white and creative space. Alongside shipped packages are project ideas inside to guide kids and users making art projects.   

What makes Crayola Marker and Watercolor Pads unique and different is their great versatility in the industry. They not only make the perfect models for coloring with Crayola watercolors but also Crayola markers.

Customer packages contain 50 bright white papers measuring 8” x 10” each. Also, being premium art papers in the market, they are heavy and can maintain users’ artwork safely. 


  • Quality art papers
  • Versatile papers
  • Equipped with creative ideas
  • Durable models


  • Poor thickness

8. Pacon Art Street Mixed Media Journal Art Papers

Pacon Art Street Mixed Media Journal, Heavyweight, 11" x 8-1/2", 60 Sheets
  • Perfect for sketching, drawing or painting; Use with wet or dry media
  • Heavyweight with a chipboard back
  • Spiral bound on the side for lay flat use
  • Ideal for young children
  • Acid-free and recyclable

As manufacturers are busy introducing new art paper models into the market, competition is going up at a rapid speed.

Now, people are switching to versatile models that they can employ widely. People looking for versatile art papers should try the Pacon Art Street Mixed Media Journal models and share the experience.

These models are not only perfect for sketching purposes but also for drawing and painting. 

Moreover, few art paper models perform perfectly in different types of media. Pacon Art Street Mixed Media Journal models emerge in the list of a few ideal options you can use with both wet and dry media.

Another thing that makes Pacon Art Street Mixed Media Journal papers stand out in the market is their heavyweight designs. They also boast chipboard backs that provide users safety to their artwork projects. 

Pacon Art Street Mixed Media art papers are excellent options for young children who need experience and fun with the artwork.

The sides are spiral bound for uses to lay them flat easily and accomplish their artwork projects. Nevertheless, like other premium pencil drawing art papers in the market, the models are acid-free. You can also recycle them if need or lack papers for other artwork projects. 


  • Durable art papers
  • Best for novice artists
  • Versatile models
  • Excellent texture


  • Very light and soft

9. Sketch Book Drawing Pad Premium Drawing Paper Books

Sketch Book Pack 9 x 12 inches Pad, 2 Pack 100 Sheets Spiral Bound 65lb/100gsm, Acid Free Sketchbook Art Professional Artist Sketch Book for Drawing Painting Writing Paper Adults Kids Beginners
  • MULTI-USE & VERSATILE: Our mixed media sketchbook 9x12 comes with 100 sheets of 65lb paper and is perfect for pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, markers, pens and other dry media. This premium grade spiral bound mixed media sketchpad will stand up to multiple erasures and redrawing. We do not recommend for watercolors or paint, the weight of the paper is perfect for lighter projects. 2 come in a pack making to make this professional grade 9x12 drawing paper an exceptional value.
  • DURABLE AND RESILIENT: Our sketchbook stands up against daily wear and tear. This mix media sketchbook 9x12 features a sturdy cardboard back allowing you to draw while sitting on the floor and other places that don't have a flat surface. This 9x12 sketchbook is extremely portable and easily fits into your backpack for sketching on the go. You spend a lot of time on your art, our sketchbook keeps it safe. Ideal as a fashion sketchbook , anime sketchbook , draw tablet and more.
  • THICK ACID-FREE PAPER: Our premium sketch book features 65lb / 100gsm acid-free paper with a neutral pH and is fade-resistant keeping your work beautifully preserved over time. Our 9x12 drawing pad has 100 sheets of natural white paper with a decent tooth for less smudging. The pages of this mixed media sketchpad are thick enough that ink won't bleed through, so you don't have to worry about damaging previous artwork. This drawing tablets 2 pack works for beginners through advanced skill levels.
  • SPIRAL BOUND FOR EASY USE: Your art will never be impeded with this spiral sketchbook! Our 9x12 spiral bound sketchbook allows for pages to fully flip over and lay completely flat. These professional artist grade sketch pads for drawing feature perforated pages that allow you to easily remove pages without the mess of paper shreds. Our 9x12 sketch pad works great as a spiral bound calligraphy book and drawing paper. 2 come in a pack making these premium grade sketch pads an exceptional value.
  • WHY CHOOSE HIPPIE CRAFTER: We are a family owned American small business committed to producing professional grade art supplies designed for our fellow free-spirited crafters. Developed by crafters for crafters, we set out to create a line of premium quality products that we want to use. Our artist-grade products are made to strict, tested, trade-secret standards. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are here to offer support if you have any questions, we are here for you!

Here come the Sketch Book Drawing Pad Paper Books taking a slot for showing they are worthwhile in the industry.

Artists love these art papers due to their excellent versatility and can be used for various art tasks. Coming with 100 sheets, they make up ideal options for markers, pastels, pens, colored pencils, pencils, and charcoal.

They can also stand up for several redrawing and erasures unlike other art papers in the market. 

Moreover, these models boast great durability and resilience than other art papers in the market. Measuring 9*12 inches, these papers feature strong back cardboards to enable users to accomplish projects while sitting flat on the floor.

Unlike other art paper for painting models, these are the most portable options that can fit even in backpacks to use anywhere. You can employ them as drawing tablets or fashion and anime sketchbooks. 

Being acid-resistant models in the market, users have the assurance of their projects are being preserved in an excellent state for an extended period.

Consequently, artists should not worry about damages of projects due to their thick surfaces that ink cannot bleed through. That’s not all, the spiral-bound design of these art papers makes it easy to flip through different pages when need.

Nevertheless, they boast perforated pages that make it easy to remove pages without messing up the paper shreds.


  • Acid-resistant art papers
  • Holds multiple-layer paints
  • Excellent versatility
  • Resilient models


  • Not very thick

10. Artisto Fine Art Paper for Watercolor

Artisto Watercolor Pads 9x12”, Pack of 2 (60 Sheets), Glue Bound, Acid-Free Paper, 140lb (300gsm), Perfect for Most Wet & Dry Media, Ideal for Beginners, Artists & Professionals
  • High-Quality Paper: This set of Watercolor Pads work excellently with all wet and dry media including watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Its surface withstands scraping, erasing, and repeated washes, making it highly suitable for better paint performance and durability.
  • Each sheet measures 9x12 inches, Acid-Free (pH Neutral) paper –140lb. /300gsm: our watercolor pad helps you appreciate how color, absorbency, texture, weight, and size contribute to helping you create different artistic effects.
  • Perfect for all artists: Professionals and beginners love our watercolor pads, due to its universal preference and quality.
  • Glue Bound: Each sheet in the pad is bound by glue, creating a smooth edge, that when removed doesn’t cause damage to your painting.
  • 100% Guaranteed: At Artisto, we are open to a free replacement or refund if your product does not perform to your expectations. Kindly Contact us!

Lastly, we have another Artisto art paper model taking a slot in this review for showing they offer the best results.

They are universal preference art papers in the market suitable for both novice and professional artists. Artisto art papers work perfectly with wet and dry media including oil, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, colored pencils, and oil.

They make the perfect selection for artists who need to advance their artwork projects.

Moreover, people love them due to their excellent performance and great durability than other market models. Artisto Watercolor Pads 9*12 inch papers have excellent surfaces that not only withstand erasing but also scraping and soaking.

Being acid-free art papers, using them will enable you to understand that different things contribute to excellent artwork results. Your paper size, color, weight, absorbency, and weight all contribute to expected results.

Consequently, users should never worry about damaging other papers when removing damaged ones on those with complete projects.

Artisto Watercolor Pads 9*12 inch papers sheets are glue-bound to enable easy and smooth removal of papers. Whenever delivered sheets aren’t of the type you needed, you can request a refund or replacement of the same. 


  • Guaranteed refund or replacement
  • Excellent performers
  • Versatile models
  • Suits both beginners and professionals


  • Not such velvety

What to Look Before Buying a Art Paper

Usually, purchasing a certain product need some carefulness to avoid after purchase frustrations. As a buyer, you need to create a list of aspects that will deliver the best drawing paper for graphite.

For individuals who are involved in busy schedules, we have prepared a list of aspects worthy to consider. Below are factors buyers should employ selecting the best art paper that suits their project needs. 


A top priority when purchasing the best drawing and painting paper is weight since this determines how much they can hold up paint.

Now, customer package weight gets determined from the overall weight of 500 standard-sized sheets.

It’s the weight of your art papers that shows how thick and sturdy the models are. This translates to the number of layers of paint that paper can hold. 

In the market, the standard art papers weigh about 20 pounds while thick industrial ones go up to 140 pounds. Thinner models get designed simply for basic sketching tasks and are the best options for office and home printers.

Heavy art papers weighing up to 140 pounds are perfect for big projects since they can hold multiple paint layers. Before purchasing these products, ensure you have an idea of the kind of projects you plan to do. 


Buyers looking for the best quality art paper will not go past considering the versatility aspect when purchasing these products.

In the art industry, there exist various types of art performed by different artists. For instance, some have perfected in handling architectural effects, kid sketches, and other watercolour effects.

All these would require the usage of different art markers to give out eye-catching results. 

Don’t waste money purchasing every model since not all will be of use depending on the project at hand. Before shopping for these products, ensure you have an idea of the projects you intend to do.

This will provide a hint of the brands that go hand in hand with the effect you require as an artist. You can as well consider models that can deliver effects on different types of projects and still give eye-catching results.


An artist or designer who needs to take projects higher should never complain of cost at all. But then, it’s always good also to work out things between your budget to avoid being hit financially.

Most people are fond of considering this aspect the top, but in reality, it should come last. When doing a purchase, it’s important to be after getting a product that suits your need. 

If you think wide about the quality of an art paper, then the cost aspect may even not appear in your list. Go through the review and come up with a list of four art paper models that will give you results.

You’re your list, compare their cost and always go for the most affordable but assures to deliver nice projects. But then, always consider this aspect last after you have checked on all important ones in selecting the best fine art paper. 


Art papers are excellent tools for designers and artists to make eye-catching and marketable projects. But then, with increased art paper models in the market, choosing the best drawing paper is not an easy task.

It’s a stapling thing for both beginners and professionals out there who need to make ends meet. Only those who make the best selection reaps big from their daily art and design projects. 

Our review has widely covered models that promise beginner and professional artists excellent results in their daily projects.

We have discussed top models and the features that differentiate them at large. Alongside the review, we have provided a detailed shopping guide to reduce the time employed making a selection by prospective buyers.

Incorporating ideas in our review will get you the best art paper as an artist you should try. 

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