10 Best Check Scanner Reviews in 2022

We are in the 21st century where businesses and organizations are turning to digitalize their daily activities.

In banks and other business environments, different machines have received an introduction to verify the legitimacy of all transactions taking place.

Check scanners for instance are new inventions in the market employed by business people to authenticity daily transactions.

But then, with several models coming out, choosing the best check scanner for use isn’t a cakewalk at all.

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What is the best check scanner businesses should employ to have peace of mind doing their daily transactions?

Our review today will address this question by providing readers and prospective buyers with the models worthy to try.

There is also a buying guide that explains in detail aspects buyers should employ to distinguish models that work perfectly.

10 Best Check Scanner Reviews

Finding the best scanner for checks is always a nightmare especially for the newbies who lacks information about these devices.

They will gamble over different models and end up getting an option that doesn’t fit their needs.

But then, if you have a problem in selecting these devices, worry less. Below are the top seven market models worthy to try.

1. Digital Check TS240 Check Scanner – 50 DPM, No Inkjet Printer

We are all acting upon our budget and most buyers don’t go out of what they have planned to spend. If you are on a tight budget, then these are the check scanners you try out.

Even if they are the most affordable market models, these scanners get designed of utmost professional quality.

Moreover, these scanners emerge in the list of few models that complete scanning tasks without producing irritating noise.

Another thing that made us choose them is their fast documents processing speed. They boast two-mode features that determine the time taken to complete a particular number of checks in a certain period.

For instance, the scan and return mode facilitates up to 15 checks in a minute. Moreover, there is the pass-through mode that facilitates the processing of up to 30 checks within sixty seconds.

Consequently, the image quality is something that the manufacturer looked deeply into when constructing these models.

Digital Check TS240 Check Scanners boast MICR feature is greatly considered when scanning documents.

That’s not all, they boast handling features that enable the scanners to read checks that have multiple colors with ease.

They are also powerful in that they can easily read documents that come with dark backgrounds.


  • Quality scans
  • Speedy scanning
  • Versatile models
  • More affordable


  • Document jamming
  • No user manual

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2. Panini VX 5050IJ Check Scanner – 50 DPM, 50 doc Feeder, Ink-Jet

Panini VX 5050IJ Check Scanner - 50 DPM, 50 doc Feeder, Ink Jet
  • Best-in-class reliability, superior image quality.
  • Flawless Document Handling, MICR Read Accuracy.
  • 50 dpm, 50 doc feeder, ink jet.

Here come our second-best models that have proved to do a superb job than other market options.

Panini check scanner models are best known for being reliable as well as excellent image producers around.

They don’t only scan checks but also different paper documents that can pass through the scanning platform.

Manufacturers equip them with auto-turning separator rollers meant to scan documents of different sizes.

Consequently, the quality of documents is everything that check scanners expect from their machines.

Panini VX 5050IJ Check Scanners boast a MICR feature that ensures only quality results in a complete scan.

The ultrasonic technology on the other hand is a great feature these check scanners boast. There is no double scanning of checks and other documents even if you are not monitoring the process. 

Another thing that makes Panini VX 5050IJ Check Scanners stand out is their excellent holding capacities.

Offering 50 DPM, their document feeders allows up to 50 checks while the exit pockets accommodate up to 100 checks.

Customer packages include USBs for those who feel comfortable operating the machine using Ethernet.


  • Works both with USB and Wi-Fi connection
  • Excellent scanning speed
  • Great clarity
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Breaks easily
  • Keeps jamming

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3. Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 Check Scanner

Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 Check Scanner
  • Sharper images with less distortion

People who yearn for check scanners that produce sharper images should go for Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 Check Scanners.

With these models, you will never get disappointed in getting distorted scans from any scanning session.

Unlike other market scanners, these models boast MICR features with inbuilt OCR processing. Users can make any adjustments by enhancing edges while on with the scanning process.

Moreover, accommodation and scanning speed is something the manufacturer considered when constructing Canon check scanner models.

There is no slowing down throughout the process at all, the starting speed progresses to the end.

Being premium check scanners in the market, their automatic feeds hold up to 50 checks in a single scan. That’s not all, the scanner can scan about 45 checks within a minute.

Consequently, transferring scans to different locations is a breeze like nothing else. Customer packages include USBs that enable users to transfer their scans to their favorite folders.

Reproducing scans is also something possible with these models without much worry about the final results.

They come with contact image sensors that scan all images on checks accurately without any form of distortion.


  • Sharp images
  • Excellent scanning speed
  • Have energy-saving mode
  • Versatile check scanners


  • Cannot hold large sums of checks
  • Keeps jamming

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4. Epson A41A266111 CaptureOne TM-S1000 Check Scanner

The great reputation earned by Epson manufacturers has given them the platform to take over the market with a stride.

Their scanning speed, carrying capacity, and power consumption are what prove they are perfect solutions worthy of trying.

Epson A41A266111 check scanners boast standard check document feeders that accommodate up to 100 checks.

Another thing that has made them clinch this slot is their scanning accuracy and great quality outcome. Compared to check scanners of their class, these models provide the highest MICR accuracy level.

That’s not all, their versatility is also something that places them far ahead of other market models. Apart from scanning checks, Epson A41A266111 scanners also read formatted IDs and other documents.

Consequently, the scanning speed is something the manufacturer considered when constructing these check scanners. They boast excellent print speeds that enable them to read two checks or documents every second.

Nevertheless, being premium models, these canners are Ethernet-enabled, but then, customer packages include USB cables for those who may need to use them in transferring scanned documents.


  • Ethernet-enabled
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Energy-saving models
  • Quality check scanners


  • Checks jam when in excessive
  • Lack use manual

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5. CANON CR190i II Check Scanner

Canon CR190i II Check Scanner
  • High-Volume Check Transport
  • Automatic Document Feeding
  • Volume: 24,000 Scans Daily

People who plan to handle bulk check scans should consider trying the CANON CR190i II Check Scanners.

These models are mostly used in banking institutions where bulk scanning of checks takes place day in day out.

Unlike other check scanners around, these models can scan up to 24000 checks within a day with the same speed.

Their great versatility and holding speed also place them ahead of other models in the market. CANON CR190i II Check Scanners boast automatic document feeders that accommodate up to 250 checks.

With a resolution power of 1200dpi, these check scanners promise users quality and clear scans throughout the usage period. That’s not all, these are scanners for not only the checks but also other documents.

Nevertheless, CANON CR190i II Check Scanners are the only check scanners in the market that ensure harmonious scanning.

Users should also worry less about the chances of indulging in double scans when there is little monitoring.

These models boast an Ultrasonic double-feed detection feature that prevents double scanning from taking place unknowingly.


  • Accommodate large volumes of checks
  • Versatile check scanners
  • Great clarity
  • High scanning speed


  • Jams easily
  • Breaks after a while

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6. Digital Check TS240-50IJ Check Scanner – 50 DPM, with Inkjet

Digital Check TS240-50IJ Check Scanner - 50 DPM, with Inkjet
  • Digital Check
  • Part #: TS240-50IJ
  • Check Scanner - 50 DPM with Inkjet

We have these scanners as the newest models in the market but have proved to do wonders. Being new in the industry, manufacturers built them with modern check scanner software features that ups their scanning functionality.

These models make the perfect solutions for small businesses for general document scanning functionality and remote deposits.

Another thing that makes these check scanners excellent in the field is their advanced check and document scanning capabilities.

Even if they are affordable options around, they can scan quite several documents relentlessly without change of speed.

Digital Check TS240-50IJ Check Scanners can scan up to 50 checks or documents within sixty seconds.

That’s not all, unlike other check scanners in the market, Digital Check TS240-50IJ Check Scanners are check 21 compliant. Besides boasting the MICR feature, these models can scan in full color up to 300dpi.

Nevertheless, these models get designed for small-scale business owners who don’t need to accrue huge energy bills.

Digital Check TS240-50IJ Check Scanners run on 45W of power and they give excellent results like other premium models around.


  • The great value of price
  • Great clarity
  • Saves on energy consumption
  • Excellent scanning speed


  • Doesn’t last
  • Keeps jamming

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7. BURROUGHS Elite Check Scanner – 155DPM, 100 Feed Includes Endorser and OCR

BURROUGHS Elite Check Scanner - 155DPM, 100 Feed Includes Endorser and OCR
  • Automatic Document Feeder: Up to 100 item hopper capacity, Automatically opens for ease of use, Double document detection
  • Document size: Height: 2.00 to 6.00", Imaged height: 4.25", Length: 2.90 to 9.25" (Adding Machine Tape Mode supports up to 6 feet)
  • Document weight: Paper weight: 16 to 28 lb (60 to 105 gsm), Accepts 12 lb (45 gsm) paper at a reduced throughput and pocket capacity
  • Image Capture: Front and rear image capture at 300 dots per inch, Up to five (5) bi-tonal and grayscale images
  • Certifications Magnetic: CE, UL/TUV, CSA, RoHS, VCCI, FCC Class A; 2010 Appliance Efficiency Regulations, California, Title 20

Lastly, we have the BURROUGHS elite scanners taking a slot here for their excellent functionality features. From their great carrying capacities, scanning speed, and the quality of work they do.

Another thing that makes them perfect models in the industry is their splendid versatility. Apart from scanning checks, they boast integrated ID card readers for ID card scans and other documents.

Moreover, as digital check scanner models around, they boast automatic document feeders that accommodates up to 100 checks at ago.

That’s not all, unlike other market machines, these models are the easiest to use around. They boast automatic opening features that automatically open the machine for easy usage and avoid time-wasting.

Consequently, the double document detection feature ensures there is no duplicate scanning of checks and documents at all.

Compared to other check scanners, BURROUGHS Elite models allow scanning of documents of up to 6 inches in height.

The length of documents scanned by these machines ranges between 2.90 and 9.25 inches. The weight allowed is about 28 lb. but can accommodate 12 lb. paper at pocket capacity or reduced throughput.


  • Versatile check scanners
  • Good scanning speed
  • Sufficient accommodation capacity
  • Great clarity


  • No user manual
  • Lacks a clear return warranty

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What to Look Before Buying a Check Scanner

best desktop check scanner

Even with the review above, you need to work extra hard to choose the best check scanner overall.

It’s from the shopping guide that buyers will get the limelight great distinction of a model that will suit your needs.

Herein, we have discussed in detail four aspects prospective buyers should employ to settle on the perfect check scanner.

Image detection

Your check scanner’s image detection power should always come at the top of the list. Don’t rush over purchasing anything without knowing the features it boasts as this is what determines the outcome.

Good check scanners boast MICR and OCR features that enable reading through checks easily.

MICR for instance is a feature that enables scanners to read all numerical information on checks easily.

On the other hand, the OCR feature ensures there is an easy reading of all handwritten and printed texts on checks.

With these two features and more, you are set to achieve the best results from your daily scanning routines.

Resolution Power

Apart from image detection levels, the resolution power of your scanner should always be at the top. It’s the resolution power that determines the clarity of the images you will have after scanning your checks.

For transactional purposes, clear checks and documents are essential to lead flourishing businesses.

Various check scanners out there boast different resolution power depending on the make. Others boast a resolution of as low as 200 dpi while others have even over 300 dpi.

If you need clear images, experts recommend purchasing check scanners that boast 300 dpi resolution power and above.

With these options, you are guaranteed to get super-clear images from your scanning projects.  

Processing Speed

Once you have confirmed the image detection and resolution power of the scanner, consider the scanner’s processing speed.

Here, you are going to consider the scanning demands in your shop, retail, or bank. Under this aspect, the type of business conducted is the main determinant of the scanner model you will purchase.

Big businesses will scan multiple checks per day while small businesses will work on a couple of checks.

Out there, various modern scanners boast different scanning speeds and several other features that increase the scanner’s productivity.

Some features include expandable entry pockets, auto-feed capabilities, and many others working together to provide great processing speeds.

Experts recommend checking scanners that have multiple feed options for use. These options can scan up to 100 checks or documents within 60 seconds.


Lastly, the cost aspect comes in as the last factor in any shopping guide to avoid compromising the product quality.

When purchasing check scanners, find out the number of checks or documents you ought to scan per day.

More scanning will require an advanced scanner while little scanning projects will need you to pull down your socks.

If for instance, you intend to scan 50 checks per day, then you can go for affordable models and avoid those advanced models.

But then, for professional usage, you will need to get a scanner that can handle large sums of checks.

After reviewing the top models in the market, you will come with a formidable list of scanners that works best.

From the list, consider the most affordable model, but ensure they give you what you need.

Risks of Keeping Your Check Scanner Dirty

Keeping Your Check Scanner Dirty

Machines work perfectly for an extended period if maintained the best way. Most people think that maintaining devices like scanners need taking them to professionals for service.

But then, they forget that simple regular cleaning of machines is one of the ways of maintaining them.

Accumulation of contaminants like oils, dust, and other debris affects the big functioning of check scanners.

Dirt usually builds upon various components like the document tracks and rollers. These are the main check scanner components that need regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Avoiding these instances requires users to clean their machines periodically to avoid the buildup of contaminants.

Now, having an idea about the risks of dirt buildup in check scanners will make you consider period cleaning.

For one, buildup on document tracks and rollers can affect the reading of information on checks.

Apart from that, the buildup of dirt on check scanner components leads to the generation of poor-quality images.

Another consequence you might fall into is the possibility of voiding the manufacturer’s return warranty.

Usually, warranties cover malfunctioning of specific components in a machine and not all parts.

Now, the accumulation of dirt can destroy other parts that aren’t considered by the manufacturer for cover.

Whenever scanners develop problems, many mishaps will follow throughout the entire usage period.

Several transactions could completely get a rejection, time-consuming, as well as huge repairing costs.

Avoid all these by indulging in periodic cleaning exercises using expert-recommended products.

Steps to Clean Check Scanners

Since the cost of purchasing new check scanners is high, maintaining them is the best thing to avoid incurring them.

Periodic learning of check scanners is an excellent way of protecting their longevity. Below is an expert guide on cleaning check scanners in the best way.

Before you embark on the cleaning task, ensure you turn it off from the power main. This is important to avoid the possibility of damaging the cleaning card.

By switching it off, you would also have prevented the possible spread of ink on the check paths and machine sensors.

Step One

Start by removing all debris, paperclips, and staples from your check scanner. After this, clean the track using a can of compressed air.

You should do this in style to avoid forgetting where you started and ended. In this, you will spray compressed air from the back to the front side of the track.

Step Two

Once the track is clean, it’s now time to clean drive rollers. Cleaning these components requires the usage of cleaning cards.

You will run your cleaning card for a while until the unit is clean. Usually, experts recommend doing this about five to ten times for a complete cleanup process.

Step Three

Lastly, the imaging sensors also need some cleaning if there are dark streaks after scanning documents.

You can either use a cleaning card or an alcohol wipe to accomplish the cleaning. Always stay extra careful when cleaning the sensor to avoid scratching it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do banks use to scan checks?

Banks employ check scanning devices to conduct their daily scanning activities. Check scanners have a set of light detectors that pass over the check surfaces to ascertain their legibility.

They scan both the front and back sides of the paper check to transform it into legal tender.

2. How long do check scanners last?

Most check scanners in the market can scan up to 500000 checks as in their entire lifespan. But then, after this period, you can fix up the machine to continue giving you a service.

3. Can I scan a check and deposit it?

Yes, banks these days accept checks to act as deposits once they are ascertained legit after scanning.

Usually, the bank scans the check and upon completion, the check owner can proceed with making a deposit request.

All information on the check is transmitted into the individual’s bank account and instructions are set as submitted.

4. How much do check scanners cost?

We have affordable and expensive check scanners in the market doing a similar task of scanning checks. Affordable options cost as low as $250 while expensive machines go up to $670.


Check scanners are excellent devices in the modern-day business environment like banks and other financial institutions.

But then, with the increased number of brands in the market, choosing the best overall is always hard.

Buyers should indulge themselves in serious scrutiny of different models available to settle on the scanners for banks.

Our review provides information on the best check scanners that promise users the best results than no other types in the market.

After reading about the top models, we have a detailed shopping guide that kills down the hectic selection process.

Read the whole review and incorporate ideas in it to settle with the check scanner to employ in your daily scanning routines.

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