How to Label Art? (Explained)

How to Label Art

I continually receive questions regarding how to label artworks in exhibitions. This is one of the most common questions I receive. It is true that there is no one standard format, but most labels contain similar elements.  On the topic of labeling artwork in an exhibition, I have written a previous post. On the following … Read more

How to Make Sugar Art (Easy Guide)

How to Make Sugar Art

The taste and the sight of sugar art are delightful. Also engaged is one’s mind, wondering how in the world the shiny, delicate wonders are made. Creating sugar art involves a number of steps and is a complex process.  As you practice and gain experience, making a variety of delicious and beautiful confections will become … Read more

How to Make Fan Art (Beginner’s Guide)

How to Make Fan Art

Imagining a beloved character in a creative new way is a great way to create fan art. Alternatively, you may wish to create a tribute piece for your favorite television show, anime, movie, or video game.. You want to make your fan art good, regardless of what you intend to do with it. It wouldn’t … Read more

How to Hang Glass Art (3 Easy Steps)

How to Hang Glass Art

It depends on the type and thickness of the glass you are working with how you hang it. If your artwork or signage is at least 1/4 inch thick (0.64 cm), edge grip mounts are an effective and simple method of installation.  Mirror clips work well with frameless mirrors or thinner glass pieces. Try friction … Read more

How to Make 3D Art for Beginners (5 Easy Steps)

How to Make 3D Art

Create 3D artwork with Paint 3D’s tools You can access all of Paint 3D’s painting and modeling tools through the toolbar by choosing Art tools, 3D, Stickers, Text, Effects, Canvas, or Remix 3D.  Additionally, the ability to paint and position objects, several of those menus also allow you to create your own models and download … Read more