How to Draw a Barn (3 Easy Methods)

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Greetings, dear readers! Our lesson today will teach you how to draw a barn easy enough for beginners. This step-by-step guide will help you recreate your drawing easily.

Barns are primarily farm buildings. Horses and cattle are mainly kept in barns, along with the equipment for keeping them.

The following instructions show how to disassemble an American-style barn. By following these simple instructions, you can simplify the process, and the description will make it clear exactly what you should be doing and how to do it. I hope you enjoy drawing!

How to Draw a Barn: 3 Easy Methods

Method 1:

Step 1: Draw the base


Using the instructions, draw a building shape with a straight base (bottom) in the center of the sheet.

Step 2: Draw a door


Draw two rectangles for the door, which is the shape of the door.

Step 3: Add a mullion and roof


Next, draw the barn door’s middle section by using two vertical lines. You will also need to draw the roof of the barn in addition to the door details.

Step 4: Add details


As in the example, reinforce the door with wood.

Step 5: Draw a window


As in the example, add the barn window shape, along with the bottom part.

Step 6: Add details


Add new details to the drawing as in the previous step.

Step 7: Add texture


A wood texture is needed to make the barn look more realistic.

Step 8: Color the drawing


It is now time to color your barn drawing using your preferred coloring supplies.

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw a wide inverted V-shaped line


Draw a broad inverted V-shaped line across the top of the barn to represent the roof.

After that, at each end point of the V-shaped line that we just drew, draw a diagonal line connecting them.

The majority of a barn’s structure is composed of straight lines. To make straight lines quickly and easily, feel free to use a ruler to aid you in your efforts. This also contributes to the overall proportions of the barn.

Step 2: Create an Outline of the Barn


Draw a diagonal line through each of the points where the lines we drew in the previous step met in the middle. Then, at the bottom of the page, draw a horizontal line that connects the two diagonal lines’ endpoints together.

When drawn correctly, it should appear to be the bottom half of a pentagon on the right side.

This step should be completed after which you should be able to see the overall shape of the barn.

Step 3: Draw the Roof of the Barn


Create a platform directly above the top of the barn, following the outline of the structure.

The barn’s roof is made of this material.

Step 4: Draw the Barn’s Door


Draw a square shape at the bottom middle part of the barn to serve as a doorframe for the structure. Then draw a line inside the door, following the outline of the door. This is what creates the door frame, which surrounds the door on all sides.

This is the point at which the barn’s door should be completely constructed.

Step 5: Add a Window on the Barn


Using a square shape, draw another smaller square inside the larger square inside the figure above the door.

The window on the upper portion of the barn is formed by this structure.

Step 6: Draw the Alley Doors


Draw a series of intersecting diagonal line figures across the front doorway. It is recommended that the first diagonal figure be drawn from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and the second diagonal figure be drawn from the upper right corner to the lower left corner.

Make certain that the lines are straight and that they are properly aligned so that they form an X pattern across the barn door.

Step 7: Draw Ridges All Over the Barn


Due to the fact that barns are primarily constructed of wood, these structures typically have patterns of parallel vertical lines running throughout their surfaces. In this step, we’ll be drawing exactly what we’ve described.

Multiple vertical lines should be drawn down the length of the barn until the barn is completely furnished. When drawing these patterns, make sure to leave the barn’s door and window out of the equation.

Aside from that, the lines must be straight and parallel to one another.

Step 8: Add Patterns on the Barn’s Door


Now that the barn’s overall design has been sketched out, it’s time to furnish the front door. Simply draw a series of parallel horizontal lines across the doorframe to complete the design.

Be careful not to allow the horizontal lines to overlap with the X pattern that we previously created.

Step 9: Add Details on the Window


As you can see in the illustration above, our barn’s window is open, and you can see the hay that is stored within.

In order to create the hay, simply draw a series of connected pointed shapes that form a curve within the window’s confines.

Make any changes you want at this point. Alternatively, you could draw a chicken or any other barn animals that are visible through the window!

Don’t forget to draw a vertical line in the middle of the door to indicate where the hinges are. A division is created between the left and right doors as a result of this action. Also, remember to draw a thin line within the roof to give it a little extra character!


Following our successful completion of the barn drawing, it is finally time for the part that we are most looking forward to.

During this step, we’ll be choosing the colors and painting the barn! This is completely optional, but we highly recommend it in order to make your artwork more colorful!

Due to the fact that barns are primarily constructed of wood, their colors range from brown to dark red. Barns that have been painted in bright colors, on the other hand, are also available.

Please feel free to use any colors that you desire! If you want to make the barn multi-colored, you can even use more than one color!

Have fun mixing and matching colors, and then sit back and watch as the barn comes to life!

Method 3:

Step 1:


Create a pentagon with no bottom side by connecting four straight lines in the manner of a pentagon with no bottom side.

Then, parallel to the first set of four lines, draw a second set of four lines. Short, straight lines should be used to connect the lines on the outside of the circle.

The front edge of the barn’s roof is formed by this.

Step 2:


Use three straight lines to encircle a parallelogram along one of the upper line segments on the graph paper. A portion of the roof is formed by this structure.

Step 3:


To enclose a rectangle between the parallelogram and the lower roof edge, draw two lines between them. Then, to give the roof a three-dimensional appearance, draw another straight line parallel to the bottom edge of the roof.

Step 4:


Make a rectangle under the side of the roof by encircling it with three straight lines. The barn’s broad side is formed by this structure.

Step 5:


To enclose the front side of the barn, connect the side of the barn to the opposite edge of the roof with two straight lines, forming a triangle.

Step 6:


Along the broad side of the barn, draw three rectangles of varying sizes to represent the three seasons. These will be used as the windows for the barn.

Step 7:


Draw two parallel, straight, horizontal lines between the eaves of the roof and connect them with a straight line. This indicates the bottom of the loft, or the second story of the barn, depending on how you look at it.

Draw a rectangle above these lines to indicate the top of the page. Straight lines are used to divide the rectangle into three sections.

The shutters are formed by drawing additional smaller rectangles in the left and right rectangle of the frame.

Draw a line across the top of the central rectangle, forming a frame around the loft opening with the remaining lines.

Step 8:


Draw a large vertical rectangle across the front of the barn to represent the front door. Create a frame for the door by drawing parallel lines across the top and sides.

Then, in the middle of the rectangle, draw a series of vertical parallel lines that divide the door in half, dividing it in half.

Step 9:


Finish off your barn with a few finishing touches. Draw parallel horizontal lines across the barn’s door to divide it once more, as in the previous step.

Once you’ve done that, use pairs of straight lines to draw “X” shapes across the lower doors and across the barn’s window frames.

Step 10:


Your cartoon barn should be colored in. The majority of barns are red, but there are some that are black, green, or other colors.


This step-by-step barn drawing tutorial is intended to be educational and entertaining. Now that you know how to draw a barn, you can use this knowledge to incorporate it into other drawings in the future.

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