How to Draw a Door in 4 Easy Methods

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of our daily lives is the door.

If you’ve ever stopped to think about how frequently you use your home’s doors, how often have you?

Different styles and designs are available, but they all serve the same purpose. In addition to being extremely useful for a variety of purposes, drawing a door can be surprisingly difficult.

If you follow the advice in this guide, you’ll discover that it’s not difficult at all.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to draw a door in different simple methods!

How to Draw a Door: 4 Easy Methods

Step 1: Draw a big rectangle

draw big rectangle

Closed doors appear to be simple to draw because they’re just big rectangles with a few details on them.

Having a slightly open door in this tutorial on how to draw a door is a step further than simply drawing a door.

However, it will be worth it in the long run! You’ll be drawing a lot of straight lines in this tutorial. Because of this, you’ll find this guide nearly impossible to follow without a ruler.

Once you have your ruler, you can begin this first step. Even though the rest of this guide may be more difficult, this first step should be fairly straightforward!

To put it another way, you’ll essentially be drawing a vertical rectangle with no bottom. A variety of drawing tools can be used to help you achieve perfectly straight door corners.

Step 2: Draw some more of the door frame

Draw some more of the door frame

This is where things get a little trickier in this door drawing! It won’t be difficult, though, if you stick closely to the reference image.

From each of the top corners, draw a diagonal line toward the door with your ruler. then draw a horizontal line from top left corner to bottom right.

Another option would be drawing a horizontal line parallel to the upper left corner. Our door will be drawn into that empty space at a later date, so we will not be filling the rest of the frame.

Step 3: Draw the door itself

Draw the door itself

In this third part of our guide on how to draw a door, we will be drawing the actual door. The door will open slightly inwards towards us, the viewers, as we approach it.

This pattern will begin at the corners on the right-hand side of the frame and then angle upwards along the top edge of the frame.

The bottom edge will be angled downward, and the two edges will be connected by two straight, vertical lines at the top and bottom, respectively.

Once you have completed the drawing in the manner depicted in our reference image, you will be prepared to move on to the next step!

Step 4: Draw some more details for the door

Draw some more details for the door

The most difficult parts of your door drawing are now complete, and we can move on to the final steps, which will involve adding some finishing touches to it. Starting with a square in the upper interior of the door, you can work your way down the line.

The top and side edges of this square will be parallel to the door’s outline on both sides. As soon as you’ve completed the square, we’ll proceed to add three rectangles to the bottom of it.

These rectangles will be long and thin, with equal width and length on both sides. The lines will be parallel to the door outline, just as they were with the square.

However, if you carefully follow these instructions and make frequent references to the reference image, you should have no trouble completing the task successfully.

Step 5: Finish off your door drawing

Finish off your door drawing

The operation of a door would be rendered largely ineffective without a handle, which is why we will include one in this step of our guide on how to draw a door.

Fortunately, this should turn out to be the most straightforward of all the steps in this guide!

To make a handle for the door, all you have to do is draw a small circular shape near the center of the door. After that, simply draw a line near the edge of the circle to provide some additional detail.

Once you have completed this final step, you will be ready to proceed to the next step. You could also personalize this drawing by adding some of your own touches if you so desire.

You could draw some decorative elements for the door, or you could even draw some pictures to hang on the wall next to it, depending on your preference.

These are just a few suggestions for you to consider, but you should have a lot of fun getting creative with it! What if you could create something that looked like a door in your home?

Step 6: Finish off your door drawing with some color

Finish off your door drawing with some color

Now it’s time to add some amazing colors to your door drawing to complete it completely. Our example image features a door that is painted in several different shades of yellow, with the frame painted in a deep blue.

Finally, we added some brown to the interior of the doors to complete the look.

These are the colors that we chose, but they are by no means the only colors that you could choose from in this situation!

Using your favorite colors to bring this image to life is a step where you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different combinations of colors.

We can’t wait to see what colors and art mediums you choose to work with on your project!

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw the shape

Draw the shape

Begin by sketching the shape of the door, which should be drawn in perspective visually.

Step 2: Draw the top

Draw the top

Add the upper portion of the door to the drawing to create a 3D visualization of the design.

Step 3: Draw the side line

Draw the side line

This time, draw the door’s other side in the same manner.

Step 4: Draw the frame and handle

Draw the frame and handle

The door frame must now be drawn in the same perspective as the door itself, all the way around it. The handle must be installed in addition to the door frame.

Step 5: Add details

Add details

Add a handle detail to the door, as shown in the example.

Step 6: The bottom panel

The bottom panel

We’re now ready to begin drawing the door’s panels, and the first step is to begin at the bottom. According to the illustration, the bottom panels should take the form of a long rectangular shape.

Step 7: Add the middle

Add the middle

In the same manner, draw the door’s center panels.

Step 8: Top part

Top part

At the very top, you’ll add door panels to finish drawing out the door. The door’s top panels, as shown, should be square.

Step 9: Color your artwork

Color your artwork

The drawing of the door is done! It’s time to decorate your front door with your preferred color scheme. You can trace the outline of the sketch with an ink pen or marker before coloring it in.

Method 3:

Step 1:

drawing a straight horizontal line

The first step is to draw a horizontal line. The bottom of the door frame will be made of this.

Step 2:

Use three straight lines to enclose a vertical rectangle

Create a vertical rectangle by enclosing it with three straight lines, each with the original line as their starting point. Then, draw three straight lines to create a second, smaller rectangle that is parallel to the first. The door’s frame is shown here.

Step 3:

three straight lines to draw a trapezoid

A trapezoid can be created by drawing just three straight lines and utilizing one of the vertical beams from the smaller rectangle to form a side of the trapezoid shape. The three-dimensional shape of the open door is depicted by this line.

Step 4:

Erase any lines present within the bounds of the door

Remove any lines that may be present within the confines of the door.

Step 5:

Draw a straight

Draw a straight, vertical line parallel to the “near” (or longer) side of the door and parallel to the frame of the door. A three-dimensional appearance is given to the door as a result of this.

Step 6:

Draw a small circle in the middle of the door

A small circle should be drawn in the center of the door, close to the three-dimensional side. This is what is used to make the doorknob.

Make use of a curved line to enclose a partial circular shape that is hidden behind the line.

Step 7:

Draw a smaller rectangle within the shape of the door

Smaller rectangles should be drawn within the shape of the door. This will be used to add dimensional designs to the door’s surface.

Step 8:

Erase a portion of the inner rectangle

Erase a portion of the inner rectangle, just above the middle, to make it more symmetrical. To enclose the bottom side of the upper rectangle, draw a straight line around it.

Step 9:

Erase equally spaced portions of the bottom shape

Erase portions of the bottom shape that are evenly spaced. Then, using straight lines, transform the line portions into narrow vertical rectangles to complete the transformation.

Step 10:

Color your door

You can paint your door any color you want. Doors of this type are frequently made of wood, and as a result, are brown in color. They can, however, be painted to become any color in the rainbow if desired.

Method 3:

Step 1:

depict a simple vertically elongated rectangle

To begin, draw a simple vertically elongated rectangle on the page. What could be easier than drawing a rectangle on the paper?

Step 2:

Draw two vertical lines along the sides of the door

Draw two vertical lines along the sides of the door to indicate the hinges. These lines are primarily intended to serve as decorative accents on the front door.

Step 3:

draw some horizontal lines

As shown in our example, now draw some horizontal lines. As you are aware, these are also merely ornamental lines in this context.

Step 4:

draw a few more vertical lines between the lines from the previous stages

Draw a few more vertical lines between the lines from the previous stages to complete the composition. By the way, you can use any other combination of lines to create your design.

Step 5:

Draw a few horizontal lines on the door

On the door, draw a couple of horizontal lines that will cross over the lines from the previous step to create a crosshatch pattern.

Step 6:

Erase the unnecessary lines from the door drawing

Remove any extraneous lines from the door drawing in order to make it more understandable. When erasing unwanted lines, make an effort to keep the clarity of the necessary lines intact.

Step 7:

At the corners of the joints draw short lines

Short lines should be drawn at the corners of the joints. All that remains is for us to paint our front door.

Step 8:

Take your favorite crayon

Which color is your personal favorite? Take a crayon, felt-tip pen, or paintbrush and decorate this door with your favorite colors.

Method 4:

Step 1:

draw a tall rectangle

To begin, draw a long, narrow rectangle. We’ll use this as the primary outline for our door.

Step 2:

draw the sections on the door

Draw the sections of the door on the next page. The number and shape of these sections are completely up to you.

Step 3:

draw out the door handle and the lock

Draw the door handle and the lock out of the way a little below the middle.

Step 4:

draw out a door frame

We will continue to use straight and clear lines and will draw a frame for the door.

Step 5:

draw out the cornice above the door

We’ll draw the cornice above the door in the final step.


We can now close the door on this guide on how to draw a door now that all of the steps have been completed! We made this one a little more difficult by leaving the door slightly open, but we’re confident you’ll agree that it was well worth the trouble!

Hopefully, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you found it to be a straightforward and enjoyable endeavor. Then you can take the reins and teach us a thing or two by embellishing this drawing with your own unique details and color combinations!

When you’ve finished reading this guide, you can explore our website to discover many more that you’ll enjoy. We will also be uploading more content in the near future, so we hope to see you there on a regular basis!

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