How to Draw a Lantern (3 Simple Methods)

Welcome to the drawing tutorial for beginners on how to draw a lantern. A lantern is one of the most well-known sources of nighttime illumination.

They first appeared in England in 1417, according to historical records. Although there was no electricity in the lantern, the candles were still burning brightly.

Different mechanisms and ideas for the use of fuel were developed in the following stages of the development of lanterns, such as the invention of an oil lantern with a cotton wick and the use of hemp oil as a fuel, which were both revolutionary at the time.

This manual contains instructions on how to use a flashlight with a specific name. The process of drawing a lantern is not difficult in and of itself; everything is composed of the most basic geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Lantern in 3 Easy Methods

Method 1:

Step 1: Draw a hook

Draw a hook

Let’s start by drawing a hanging hook, which is relatively simple to draw because it is made up of two rings.

Step 2: Draw the cap

Draw the cap

A semicircle should be drawn near the hook, and the edges should be joined together with a horizontal line drawn from below.

Step 3: Draw the base of the lantern

Draw the base of the lantern

This can be accomplished by drawing a rectangle just below the header that you previously drew.

Step 4: Draw a lamp chimney

Draw a lamp chimney

It will be sufficient to connect the cap and base of the luminaire with two vertical lines at the edges and two more closer to the center in order to achieve this result.

Step 5: Draw the fire

Draw the fire

Fire can be drawn in any shape you want, including the shape of a polygon.

Step 6: Color the drawing

Color the drawing

Method 2:

Step 1:

drawing an irregular shape

Begin by sketching an irregular shape on the page. To connect two horizontal straight lines, use curved lines to connect them together.

In the end, the shape should be similar to a teardrop, but with a flat top rather than a pointed top. The glass globe of the lantern is formed as a result of this.

Step 2:

Draw a very narrow shape with rounded ends directly above the globe

In the space directly above the globe, draw a very narrow shape with rounded ends. To do so, draw a horizontal line parallel to the top of the globe and connect it with short curved lines to form a globe shape.

The base of the lantern’s ventilator will be formed by drawing a rectangle above this line.

Step 3:

draw a rectangle with a curved top

Create a narrow oval just above the top of the rectangle and enclose it. Draw a rectangle with a curved top above this to frame the image. A curved line is used to bind this shape together.

To finish the design, add a small square on top of the rectangular shape and a compressed bell shape above the square.

Then, from the bell to the rectangle, draw curved lines to connect them. This is bordered with diagonal lines.

Step 4:

begin the lantern base

After that, start working on the lantern base. A flattened oval is enclosed within the globe’s circumference. Draw a rounded irregular shape beneath this and connect it with a curved line to form a band.

Step 5:

Extend two curved lines from the rounded shape

Two curved lines should be drawn from the rounded shape. A long curved line is used to connect them together. Then, starting from the tips of this shape, draw a series of short lines.

Connect these two curved lines with another curved line to create a lantern base that is longer.

Step 6:

Draw lines descending from each side of the lantern base

Using lines descending from each side of the lantern base, create a pattern. Form a band around the shape by connecting them with a long curved line and another curved line. This completes the base of the lantern.

Step 7:

Draw a long curved line extending from the lantern base to the ventilator on each side

Each side of the lantern base should be marked with a long curved line extending from the base to the ventilator. Then, on each side of the first line, draw a shorter line that is parallel to it.

The boil is the term used to describe these. Each boil should be textured with curved lines of varying lengths.

Step 8:

Draw the handle

Take the handle in your hand. From the boil, draw an upward-curving line that extends all the way up to and over the top of the lantern.

Connect it to the boiling water on the opposite side of the pot. Please take note of the small bulge at the very top of the handle.

Afterwards, draw another line parallel to the first in order to completely enclose the handle.

Step 9:

light the fire

It’s time to get the fire started. Construct an enclosure around the globe’s base with a curved line, and then band the entire thing together. This is where the fire is. In order to indicate the flame, draw a teardrop shape above this line.

Curved lines are used to add detail to both the flame and the edges of the globe. Finally, extend a small rectangle from the back of the lantern and draw a star shape at the end of the rectangle to complete the design.

Remove any guide lines that are no longer needed. This is the control knob that is used to regulate the length of the wick and, as a result, the height of the flame on the candle.

Step 10:

Color you lantern

Finally, Color the lantern.

Method 3:

Step 1: Drawing a rounded shape

drawing a rounded shape

We’ll start by drawing a rounded shape to use as a starting point for this particular lantern.

One thing you could try to make this easier would be to draw a circle with a drawing compass and a light pencil to make it easier to see.

With your drawing pen, you can give this circle a flat top and then draw over the rest of the circle with a contrasting color.

This will assist you in creating a shape that is similar to the one depicted in our reference image. After that, we will be prepared to proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Draw some details for the lantern

Draw some details for the lantern

You’ve completed the main outline of the lantern drawing, and in this second section of your lantern drawing, we’ll begin to add some finer details to it to make it more realistic.

First, you can draw a small, thin rectangular shape at the top and bottom of the lantern to serve as a starting point for your design.

After you have completed the drawing of the rectangular shapes, we will proceed to add some additional details to the interior of the lantern.

Draw some rounded lines with sharp points in them to create some shapes that are reminiscent of flower petals to achieve this effect.

These will be placed beneath the rectangle at the top and above the rectangle at the bottom. As shown in our reference image, the ones on the bottom will be significantly smaller than the ones on the top.

Step 3: Draw the string and tassels for the lantern

Draw the string and tassels for the lantern

We mentioned earlier in this guide on how to draw a lantern that these paper lanterns are frequently suspended in the air by a string or a rope to create a magical atmosphere.

In this next step, we will be drawing the string from which it is suspended, as well as some additional elements.

It should be simple to draw the string, as all you have to do is draw two straight lines very close to one another on top of the lantern, which should be enough.

Once you have drawn that string, we will proceed to draw some small tassels that will be attached to the lantern’s strands.

These can be depicted with some wavy lines to show that they are hanging from the bottom of the lantern. Once all of these have been drawn, we will be prepared to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Draw some more details for the lantern

Draw some more details for the lantern

The lantern drawing will get even more detailed in this step, as you will be adding even more detail elements to the lantern drawing. These lanterns are frequently foldable, and we will be drawing the fold lines for them right now.

It is possible to accomplish this by drawing some curved lines across the body of the lantern.

These will be curved in such a way that they depict the curvature of the lantern, and the reference image will demonstrate how to curve them.

Always leave a space in the center, as we will be adding some additional decoration to that area in the following step.

To complete the tassel that you started within the previous step, draw a beaded tassel to connect it to the rest of the tassel you started with.

Step 5: Add some final details to your lantern drawing

Add some final details to your lantern drawing

When we finished the last step of this guide on how to draw a lantern, we left a blank space in the center of the drawing, and we will be filling that space now.

The front of the lantern will be finished off in the style of a classic Chinese paper lantern, so we will add some Chinese script to it to finish it off in that style too.

This is a section where you will most likely want to closely copy the reference image that we have provided for your convenience.

Once this detail has been included, you will be able to move forward. Before continuing, you could also add your own background to the picture.

Considering that these lanterns are frequently hung in large groups, you could draw additional lanterns in the background to go with this one.

What will you do to bring this picture to a close?

Step 6: Finish off your lantern drawing with some color

Finish off your lantern drawing with some color

As the final step in creating this lantern drawing, we will finish it off by adding some lovely colors. So stay tuned for that! In keeping with the theme, we used a variety of vibrant reds and yellows to bring this lantern to vibrant life.

This results in a beautiful warm image, and if you like how it looks, you could use the same colors to create a similar effect for your own picture.

There are a plethora of wonderful colors that you could use as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues if you so desire!

You could use acrylic paints and colored markers to bring your brighter colors to life if you prefer to work with a more vibrant color palette.

These are just a few suggestions; what colors and mediums will you employ for this project?


As you worked on this tutorial on how to draw a lantern, we hope you had a great time! At the end of the process, you will have created an artwork that features a stunningly elegant lantern as its focal point.

Hopefully, this guide was able to demonstrate to you that creating this picture is not only simple, but it can also be a lot of fun to complete!

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