How to Draw a Pen (3 Easy Methods You Should Try)

In this post, we will learn how to draw a pen in some easy methods. The invention of the pen is relatively recent in history.

Since then, ink-soaked pens have dominated the writing landscape. Writing became significantly easier after the invention of the pen.

There are numerous types of pens available, including ballpoint, helium, transparent, and washable. There are also automatic pens, and for the purposes of this lesson, a ballpoint pen will be used as an example.

As long as the instructions are clear and step-by-step, even a complete novice can learn to draw a pen by following the instructions.

How to Draw a Pen: 3 Easy Methods

Method 1:

Step 1: Draw the body

Draw the body

The body is comprised of the entire mechanism and occupies the majority of the drawing. Draw a rectangular shape with one of the sides tapered slightly in order to accomplish this.

Step 2: Draw a button

Draw a button

A rectangle-shaped button is located at the end of the body and serves the purpose of releasing the tip of the rod when it is pressed. The button is made of plastic.

Step 3: Detail


Draw a line that is slightly closer to the button section to represent the cut of the handle body.

Step 4: Add a clip

Add a clip

The clip, which is also a rectangle, is attached to the side of the case with a clip.

Step 5: Draw ballpoint tip

Draw ballpoint tip

An isosceles triangle should be drawn at the end of the pen’s body.

Step 6: Color the drawing

Color the drawing

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw the Barrel of the Pen

Draw the Barrel of the Pen

To begin, draw the barrel of the pen with a pencil. If that is the case, it will simply appear as a long and thin rectangle.

Step 2: Draw the Front

Draw the Front

Add the part of the pen that will be visible from the front of the barrel, where the tip will be coming out. Make it narrower towards the tip and as wide as the barrel at its base. (See illustration)

Step 3: Draw the Back of the Pen

Draw the Back of the Pen

A wider section will be added to the back of the barrel, to which the clip will be attached (drawn in a later step). Create a short rectangle with slightly rounded corners by drawing it on the page.

Step 4: Draw the Button

Draw the Button

Insert the button that retracts the tip into the pen’s cap at the very top. Designate this as roughly half the width of the barrel, with rounded corners at the top of the barrel.

Step 5: Draw the Tip

Draw the Tip

The tip should be visible coming out of the front of the pen.

Step 6: Draw the Clip

Draw the Clip

Attach the clip to the back of the pen to complete the look. Position it starting from the wider section that was added in step three and continuing down the barrel until it is just slightly less than halfway down.

Draw a light curve and a small bump near the end of the clip so that it faces the direction of the pen.

Step 7: Draw the Tip & Finish the Line Drawing

Draw the Tip & Finish the Line Drawing

A small divider line slightly less than halfway up the pen’s length should be drawn to indicate a rubber grip area before completing the line drawing.

As soon as you’ve confirmed that your drawing is the way you want it to be, go back over it and darken it with a darker pencil stroke or a thin maker/black pen to make the lines darker.

Step 8: Finish the Pen Drawing

Finish the Pen Drawing

Any medium (or a combination of several) such as colored pencils, paints, markers, and so on can be used to color the pen.


There are a plethora of different pen designs to choose from. Drawing a pen with fairly common features can be made easier with this tutorial, but you can also use the same or similar steps to draw other types of pens.

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