How to Draw an Avocado in 3 Easy Methods

Using these simple step-by-step methods, you will learn how to draw an avocado in no time flat! Avocado is now a very popular fruit all over the world, and it has a delicious flavor to boot.

Mexico is the world’s largest producer of avocados, and this fruit has been used in a variety of dishes and sauces for a very long time there.

The majority of avocado production takes place in subtropical regions, where the climate is ideal for growing avocados.

At the moment, there are more than 400 different varieties of avocados grown throughout the world.

The avocado is also used in medicine as an adjuvant, which means that it is not only consumed as food.

We hope that this guide will assist you in quickly and easily sketching this delicious and nutritious fruit! Take pleasure in the drawing process!

How to Draw an Avocado: 3 Easy Methods

Method 1:

Step 1: Draw a shape

Draw a shape

At first, sketching an oval-shaped avocado.

Step 2: Draw the seed

Draw the seed

Next, draw an avocado seed that visually resembles an egg.

Step 3: Draw the skin

Draw the skin

Create the outer volume of the fruit in the manner shown.

Step 4: Add the second fruit

Add the second fruit

Draw the shape of the second avocado fruit, which is not cut in half, behind the first avocado drawing that has been cut in half.

Step 5: Add detail

Add detail

Draw a small detail that represents the remainder of the cut fruit stem on the surface of a whole, uncut avocado.

Step 6: Color your avocado

Color your avocado

Color the avocado seed a dark brown, and the inner flesh a light green or yellow to make it look more vibrant. As shown in the illustration, color the avocado skin a dark green.

Method 2:

Step 1:

drawing an irregular shape

Begin by drawing an irregular shape with a long, curved line to give it some dimension. Reverse the line back on itself to form a teardrop shape, but do not make the top of the teardrop pointed.

Replace the point with two small humps where the point would normally be located. This represents a cross-section of an avocado that has been sliced.

Step 2:

Draw a long, curved line from the top of the image

Draw a long, curved line from the top of the image to the bottom of the image, and then double it back on itself to enclose the avocado’s stalk.

Step 3:

curved line from the base of the stem to the bottom of the avocado

Using a long, curved line, trace the avocado from the base of the stem all the way to the bottom of it. This results in the formation of the fruit’s uncut skin, which gives it a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 4:

curved line to enclose an irregular oval shape in the middle of the avocado

Create an irregular oval shape in the middle of the avocado by encircling it with a long, curved line. The seed or pit of the fruit is formed as a result of this.

Then, to give the fruit texture, draw curved lines around the pit and on the skin of the fruit.

Step 5:

Draw two small circles below the stem

Give the avocado a friendly smile. Draw two small circles below the stem, and then two even smaller circles inside each of the two smaller circles you just made.

This is what gives the avocado its eyes. Draw eyelashes emerging from the corners of the eyes using curved lines.

Step 6:

Use curved lines to indicate the eyebrows above the eyes

Make use of curved lines to indicate the brows above the pupils of the eyes. Next, enclose the open, smiling mouth with a curved line and a “U” shaped line to create a more finished look. In order to keep the tongue within the mouth, draw another curved line around it.

Step 7:

Draw the avocado's arms and hands

Create the avocado’s arms and hands by drawing them. Draw two curved lines extending from the body for each of the four arms.

Draw the cuff of the glove at the end of the arm with curved lines that are connected at both ends with straight lines. Then, to outline the hand and fingers, draw a series of long, narrow “U” shaped lines across the paper.

Step 8:

Draw a leaf on the avocado's stem

Draw a leaf on the avocado’s stem to represent the fruit. Extend a pair of curved lines that are closely spaced and allow them to come together at a sharp point.

The vein of the leaf is formed by this. Draw two more curved lines from the base of the leaf, and bring them to a point just beyond the tip of the vein at the end of the leaf.

This is a sketch of the leaf itself. After that, extend pairs of short, straight lines outward from the vein, allowing them to meet at a few points along their length. The secondary veins of the leaf are formed by these.

Step 9:

Draw lines across the stem

Make a series of lines across the stem. Afterwards, create the legs by extending pairs of curved lines and placing rounded triangular shapes beneath them to form the feet.

Step 10: Color your avocado

Color your avocado

Put some color on your avocado. The skin of this fruit is usually dark green, the flesh is usually light green, and the pit is usually brown.

Method 3:

Step 1: Draw an oval

Draw an oval

Draw a shape that has a similar appearance to an egg.

Step 2: Depict an avocado seed

Depict an avocado seed

Create a small oval within a larger oval with a pencil.

Step 3: Draw the outside of the fruit

Draw the outside of the fruit

Draw a curved line on both sides of the paper, as shown in my example.

Step 4: Color the drawing

Color the drawing

The avocado seed should be brown in color. Two different shades of green should be used to color the fruit.


The drawing lesson for an avocado is now complete. We sincerely hope it was beneficial to you in some way.

A simple drawing technique is included in this guide like all of the other tutorials on my site. My goal is to make drawing fun for kids without requiring them to put in a lot of effort.

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