How to Draw Fruit (Easy 3 Methods for Beginners)

Art has a long tradition of depicting still-lifes.

In addition to inanimate objects like fruit on a table, many artists have managed to apply their own creative spin to a collection of inanimate objects.

The various shapes, textures, and colors of the fruit often draw people to it. Drawing fruits can be difficult because of this variety.

To learn how to do it, you don’t need to be a Picasso, and you’re on the right track!

Learn how to draw fruit with these three simple methods to become a better artist.

So, Let’s get started!

3 Methods on How to Draw Fruits:

Method 1:

Step 1: Sketch the orange, lemon, and pear

sketch the orange, lemon, pear

Let’s begin with an orange, lemon, and a pear in the first part.

The lemon might be the best place to begin since it is closest to the viewer. 

This lemon will be outlined with some curved lines, and it will have a small bulge on top and a stalk.

As you draw the orange and the pear, you will use more rounded lines, and you will add a leaf to the top of each fruit’s stalk.

In the future, we won’t draw the bases of the fruits, so it’s time to move on!

Step 2: Draw an apple and a strawberry

Draw an apple and a strawberry

We will add two more fruits to your drawing in this second part. A strawberry will be on the left side of the bowl.

In the reference image, there is an apple in front of all of the other fruits. A large stalk with a leaf will also be attached to the apple.

Likewise, these fruits will not have bases yet, but they will be added soon!

Step 3: Add a watermelon for your fruits drawing

Add a watermelon for your fruits drawing

The bowl of fruits is already looking great! We will add one more fruit to our guide on how to draw fruits in this third step.

Draw two straight lines to create a watermelon. In order to make the seeds poking out of the watermelon, add lots of rounded shapes inside the melon.

We are now moving on to part 4!

Step 4: Draw a peach for your bowl of fruit

draw a peach for your bowl of fruit

You’re going to continue adding fruit to your bowl in this part of the fruit drawing! Here, we are going to draw a peach using a round line.

A small stalk and a leaf will be inside the curved line. 

In the next few steps, we’ll add one more fruit and a few final details.

Step 5: Draw the final fruit

Draw the final fruit

The guide on how to draw fruits has just one more fruit to add! In the right-hand corner, we will finish it off by adding some bananas.

Draw the bananas with curved lines for their bodies and thin stalks on top. 

At the end, you can indicate where the bananas are connected using a small cube.

Step 6: Draw the final details and elements

Draw the final details and elements

With your fruits drawing, you’re almost ready to color! Before you begin, however, we must take care of a few things.

The plate on which the fruit sits is the main thing that needs to be added. You can do this by drawing a thin, long shape beneath the base of the fruits.

For the plate’s base, draw another long, curved line underneath it.

This concludes this guide’s details, but prior to moving on, feel free to add any extra information you may have!

You might want to add more fruit or other items or create a cool background. How will you finish off the drawing before the final step?

Step 7: Finish off your fruits drawing with some color

Finish off your fruits drawing with some color

You have now reached the end of the first method on how to draw fruits! Now that you’ve done an excellent job drawing this picture, it’s time to color it.

We’ve used the typical coloring for each fruit in our reference image so that you can use that as a guide when coloring.

There are numerous ways you can make this picture more colorful, even if the colors are more realistic.

Consider adding some brown or green spots to the fruits or using some subtle coloring to create texture details.

Further, if you drew any details on the background, you can use colors of your choice!

You could also experiment with using different types of mediums such as acrylic paints and watercolors to keep with that tradition!

You have many options to choose from, so how will you color this spectacular picture?

Method 2:

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • A thin black marker
  • A thick black marker
  • A dark green marker
  • A light green marker
  • A yellow marker
  • A brown marker
  • A red marker
  • An orange marker
  • A pink marker
  • Paper (bleedproof or use an underlay)

Step 1: Draw the Pear

Draw the Pear

On a piece of paper, sketch the outline of a pear.

Step 2: Draw the Apple

Draw the Apple

Create a basic outline of an apple by drawing it next to a pear. Pears are similar in width to apples, but the apple is slightly shorter.

You should draw the leaf just below the stem on the right side of the stalk.

Step 3: Draw the Banana

Draw the Banana

The banana should follow the same outline as the apple. An apple should be half as wide as the banana and about twice as tall as the banana.

Step 4: Draw the Orange

Draw the Orange

On the page, put a banana next to an orange. The edge of a glass can be used as a guide to draw the circular outline.

Step 5: Draw the Faces

Draw the Faces

Attract the eyes to the fruits. You can achieve more accurate details by using a thin marker. 

Mark the fruit from the left side. Then draw a circle inside the first one, and on the right side of the smaller circle draw a very tiny circle. 

In the middle circle, color the inside, but leave the smaller circle white. The same is drawn on the ‘face’ of the fruit on the right. Draw the same on all of the fruits. 

In the top part of the banana, the banana’s face should be visible, and in the bottom part, the pear’s. 

Include mouths on each fruit. In each mouth, the bottom half should be used for smiling.

To make coloring easier, thicken the outlines.

Step 6: Start Coloring the Fruits

Start Coloring the Fruits

Start by coloring your cheeks. Complete each fruit’s design by drawing oval shapes under their eyes and coloring them pink with a marker.

Step 7: Color the Pear

Color the Pear

Pears are green in color. Apply a green marker to the inside of the pear. Cover the pink cheeks with green marker. Add brown marker to the stalk.

Step 8: Color the Apple

Color the Apple

Apples are red in color. Use the red marker to color the inside of the apple, the dark green marker to color the stalk, and the brown marker to color the stalk.

Step 9: Color the Banana

Color the Banana

Bananas are yellow in color. Use a yellow marker to color inside the bananas. The brown marker should be used for the ends.

Step 10: Color the Orange

Color the Orange

The orange is orange in color! Color orange and orange in name! Use the orange marker to color the inside of the orange. Use the blue marker to color the outside.

Step 11: Finished


Now, go ahead and eat your fruits! (Please don’t eat paper fruits; I’m referring to real fruits:D)

Method 3:

Step 1: Draw GRID on Paper:

Draw Grid on Paper

Drawing the grid layout yourself is possible using the following steps: Print out the construction lines and trace them on tracing paper.

1) Draw a rectangle to indicate the proportional boundaries and conditional proportions of the drawing.

2) Draw two horizontal and vertical lines equally dividing the rectangle from the middle.

3) The upper half of the rectangle should be divided equally by another horizontal line. Divide the bottom half of the rectangle evenly with a horizontal line.

4) Draw a horizontal line evenly dividing the left half of the rectangle. Similarly, divide the right half of the rectangle equally with a vertical line.

STEP 2: Make a note of the picture’s height and width. Draw the bowl as an oval. Draw the fruit as guidelines.

width and height of the picture

STEP 3: Shape the bowl with a pen.

Shape the bowl

STEP 4: Place the apple and banana according to guidelines.

draw the apple and banana

STEP 5: Drawing of plums and bowl brim.

Drawing  plums and bowl brim

STEP 6: Sketch the bananas.

Sketch the bananas

STEP 7: You can also add a pear. Describe the bananas and apple.

bananas and apple

STEP 8: Pay attention to the details of the entire figure.

attention to the details of the entire figure

Step 9: Shape the bowl of fruits by varying the thickness and darkening of the lines. Finish the bowl by adding a table. Remove the guidelines.

Shape the bowl of fruits

Final Words

After reading this guide on how to draw fruits, you should be extremely proud of the drawing you have created!

Even though still-life sketches are common in art, drawing these fruits isn’t always easy when you sit down to try it.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you that it is not only much easier than expected but also a lot more fun than you imagined!

Now you can add extra details, elements, and touches to make it truly your own!

This, as well as the colors and art mediums you use, will give you a lot of freedom when it comes to personalizing this drawing.

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