How to Draw Strawberry (Beginner Guide)

Is there anything more refreshing than a juicy strawberry on a hot day? You would definitely rank the strawberry among the top five even if you said ‘yes’!

They are not only delicious, healthy, and good for you, but also beautiful to look at!

There are many people all over the world who love strawberries, and their beautiful color makes them want to learn how to draw one. 

You’ve come to the right place if you are one of those people!

You can learn how to draw a strawberry with some different easy methods.

How to Draw Strawberry in Different Methods:

Method 1:

step 1: Draw a curved line

Draw a curved line

Drawing a curved line almost like the shape of part of a heart.

In the next few steps, we will continue to build on this line!

Step 2: Draw the next half of the strawberry

Draw the next half of the strawberry

For the second step of your strawberry drawing, you will mirror the previous step. At the same angle as the second, draw a curved line coming up from the base of the first.

Having finished this step, you should have a heart shape without a top. After the lines in our reference picture look like the ones in your drawing, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Draw the leaf cap of the strawberry

Draw the leaf cap of the strawberry

This third step in our guide on how to draw a strawberry will have us drawing the leafy top of the strawberry using the space that is left at the top.

Simple draw two sharp lines extending from the strawberry’s top to the left and the right. After that, draw a long, thin stem extending from the leafy part.

This stem can be adjusted in length and angle as well.

Step 4: Finish off the leaves

Finish off the leaves

You can add the leaves to the strawberry drawing in the next step. You just need some sharp, curved lines that extend into the interior of the strawberry to do this.

Fill in all of the gaps with as many of these little leaves as necessary.

You don’t have to replicate the leaves in our example exactly in this step. Add as much or as little as you like!

Step 5: Add all of the tiny seeds to your strawberry

Add all of the tiny seeds to your strawberry

In this step of our guide on how to draw a strawberry, we’re going to add some tiny little black seeds to our strawberry picture.

Create this effect by drawing vertical lines from the top to the bottom of the strawberry.

As you can see from the reference image, they should follow a slight curvature to represent the strawberry’s curvature.

The final step is to draw the seeds. You can add any extra details that you think would suit your strawberry drawing before you begin coloring it in.

Put a few strawberries on a plate with it, too, to go along with it.

Draw some other fruits as well if you’re feeling extra creative. Where do you see this drawing going?

Step 6: Finish off your strawberry drawing with some color

Finish off your strawberry drawing with some color

After finishing the strawberry drawing, it’s time to color it in!

With strawberries’ red color scheme and their green leaves, you’ve got a great palette to work with if you keep it realistic.

While keeping things realistic, there are ways to switch things up.

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw the Outer Shape of the Strawberry

Strawberry outline drawing

Outline in pencil the outer shape of the strawberry. You want to make sure you can easily erase the lines if you make a mistake by not pressing too hard on the pencil.

Step 2: Draw the Sepals

Strawberry sepals drawing

The strawberry’s sepals (little leaves at the top of the strawberry) are next to be drawn as well as the stem tip. All you need to draw each sepal are two curved/wavy lines.

Step 3: Finish the Line Drawing

Strawberry line drawing

Add the seed shapes to the line drawing to complete it. Draw the seeds along the shape of the strawberry in a way that makes them sort of “flow”. 

This can be accomplished by drawing them at an angle that somewhat mimics the outer curve of the berry towards its edges. 

In the middle, draw the seeds more horizontally and the ones at the far end more vertically.

If you wish, you can also draw the seeds slightly thinner on the sides and wider on the middle.

A strawberry drawn in this manner will appear to be three-dimensional.

After you’ve completed the seeds, you can draw over them with a pen, marker, or darker pencil lines.

Step 4: Color the Drawing

Color the Drawing

To add some basic color to the strawberry, you can simply make the sepals green and the seeds yellow.

Method 3:

Step 1: Outline


Draw three stems curved upward in a light manner. Sketch an oval at the top of each stem to indicate the flower’s position. Create three long, downward-curving stems.

Sketch a rough strawberry heart at the end of each. The large strawberry can be larger than the smaller ones. Draw many leaf shapes surrounding this grouping.

Step 2: Jagged Leaves

Jagged Leaves

Use a tiny circle surrounded by five ovals to draw each flower. Draw jagged lines for the leaves. Draw the left-hand edge of the topmost leaf smoothly and the right-hand edge jaggedly.

There is a smooth line at the bottom of the leaf, indicating that the leaf is facing to the right. Draw short, curving lines at the ends of the strawberry stems to look like leaves.

Step 3: Draw Veins

Draw Veins

Using gently curving lines, draw veins in each leaf. The larger veins should be drawn in two lines. Add a wavy line to the petals of the flowers so they have a ruffled edge.

Step 4: Draw the Berries

Draw the Berries

Fill the flower centers with tiny circles. Outline the strawberry seeds with many tiny ovals. On the strawberries’ bottoms, draw several smaller ovals.

Connect the seeds on the edges of the strawberries by drawing lines. You may need to redraw the stems if necessary.

Step 5: Shading


The veins of the leaves should be shaded with many lines. Add some lines from the center of the flowers.

With a short line around the edge, lightly shade the strawberries. Make crisscross lines across the center of the plant, under the stems.

It looks like a good strawberry to eat. We’re about to look at a flower that shares the same rich red color as a strawberry, and is often associated with the word “love.”

Method 4:

Step 1:

The first thing we need to do is draw a triangle. This figure does not have corners, so it is not a triangle, is it?

In order to match our sample, we drew this strange shape.

draw shape like triangle

Step 2:

The leaves and the stem are now drawn. It is important to locate the longest leaves laterally. This is an indication of the angle.

draw a few leaves

Step 3:

For the whole lesson, it will be the easiest step. It only takes a few points to create the strawberry contour in this step.

create the strawberry contour

Step 4:

In this step, we will circle each point from the previous step to create shapes that resemble seeds.

create shapes that resemble seeds

Step 5:

The next step is to draw longitudinal lines through the middle of the leaves. Once that’s done, remove all the excess guidelines.

draw longitudinal line

Step 6:

Let’s add shadows now to make our plum look more realistic and voluminous. Make sure you also draw the shadow on the ground.

add shadows


We reached the end of the description of how to draw a strawberrn very smoothly and slowly. 

All readers should be able to cope with these methods after reading it.

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