How to Draw Watermelon (4 Easy Methods with Drawing Tips)

On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a slice of watermelon! Any time of year, and any time of day, a bite of juicy watermelon is refreshing.

People of all ages enjoy the distinct flavor and smell of watermelon.

We have found watermelons to be very interesting to draw due to their distinct appearance and vivid colors.

A free watermelon drawing tutorial has become extremely popular as a result. Now, we have it for you. Thus, we have shared some easy methods on how to draw watermelon for beginners.

How to Drawing Watermelon in Some Different Methods:

Method 1:

Step 1: Draw triangle shape with round bottom

Draw triangle shape with round bottom

Make a triangle shape with a rounded bottom. Your watermelon will then have an outline.

Throughout the illustration you can see that the watermelon is a little off-center. I understand that it’s positioned a bit more to the left.

The watermelon’s dimensions will be drawn in a later step.

Step 2: Create the Shape of the Watermelon

Create the Shape of the Watermelon

Create the dimensions on its right side to expand the shape of the watermelon. Draw a diagonal line at the top and a curve at the bottom parallel to the outline drawn in the previous step.

Remember to leave out the left side of the outline, leaving only the right side and the bottom.

Step 3: Add the Dimensions of the Watermelon

Add the Dimensions of the Watermelon

Immediately adjacent to that curved line we drew earlier, draw a curve. Be sure to include a tilted square shape on the right side of the corner.

In this way, the watermelon appears realistic and 3D!

Step 4: Draw the Watermelon’s Seeds

Draw the Watermelon’s Seeds

Sprinkle the seeds on the watermelon’s surface. You can create seeds by drawing a small oval shape with a pointed bottom edge.

Until you have the desired amount of seeds, keep drawing the same shape on the watermelon. You can thus make as many seeds as you want – or as few as you want!

Step 5: Draw the Left Eyebrow

Draw the Left Eyebrow

In the middle of the watermelon, draw a curved line on the left.

As a result, the left eyebrow is arched.

Step 6: Complete the Watermelon’s Eyebrows

Complete the Watermelon’s Eyebrows

Continue working on the opposite side of the watermelon. It completes the pair of arched eyebrows of the watermelon by creating its right eyebrow.

As much as possible, align and uniformize your eyebrows.

Step 7: Put a Wide Smile on the Watermelon

Put a Wide Smile on the Watermelon

The watermelon’s “face” should be shaped in a U-shape. After you’ve drawn a U-shaped curve, draw a slightly curved line above it.

Watermelon’s huge grin is completed with this line.

Now that you have completed this step, your watermelon should look very happy.

Step 8: Draw the Watermelon’s Left Eye

Draw the Watermelon’s Left Eye

Make a perfect circle just below the left eyebrow. This is the watermelon’s eye.

Make a small circle within the eye and two diamonds or stars in the middle. After shading the eye, leave the figures inside unblinded.

Watermelon looks even more adorable with this “sparkling eyes” effect!

Step 9: Finalize the Watermelon’s Both Eyes

Finalize the Watermelon’s Both Eyes

Under the opposite eyebrow, repeat the previous step to create the right eye. By completing this step, you will have completed both the left and the right eyes of the watermelon!

There it is-a cute, happy piece of watermelon! Color would make it more appealing! Color would make this artwork even more beautiful!

After successfully drawing a watermelon, let’s move on to the fun part: coloring the drawing!

Show off your mixing and matching skills with this opportunity!

Watermelon Drawing is Complete

The inside of a watermelon is pink, and the rind is dark green. Watermelon can be colored exactly as they appear or you can choose unique colors!

Choosing the latter will allow you to further customize your artwork and make it even more vibrant!

Watch as the watermelon takes shape as you play with colors!

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw the Outline of the Slice

Draw the Outline of the Slice

Light pencil lines should be drawn around the outline of the watermelon slice. An outer skin side will be visible in this case, which is why it will be drawn in 3/4 view.

A half oval should be the overall shape of the slice.

Step 2: Draw the Rind

Draw the Rind

Create the rind by drawing a curved line roughly following the shape of the slice in pencil.

Step 3: Draw the Seeds & Finish the Line Drawing

Watermelon slice line drawing

The seeds should be added in such a way that they form a curved shape like the rind. Avoid drawing any too close to the top/middle of the slice or too close to the rind itself. 

In addition, draw the seeds so that their tips point toward the middle of the slice.

Using a pencil, draw the seeds as in the previous step.

You can either use a dark pencil line or black pen/marker to go over the lines of the entire slice.

Step 4: Color the Watermelon Slice

Color the Watermelon Slice

Watermelon slices should be red, with a light yellow/green rind, a dark green outer skin, and dark brown seeds. 

Make sure there is a small white area within each seed. As watermelon seeds tend to be, this will make them appear wet and shiny.

For the actual coloring process, you can use paints, markers, colored pencils, etc. You can use markers or gouache paints to achieve the bright colors in the example.

To color with paints, you can fully color the seeds brown, wait for the paint to dry, and then paint the little reflections in white on top.

Method 3:

Step 1:

This fruit would be more fun to draw as a slice instead of as a whole, I think. Besides being easy to make, it is also fun to place the seeds once everything is done, as well as color it pinkish red and green.

Here’s the symmetrical structure…

Draw Half a Round Shape

It’s just two arcs here. One of them is a half circle. Simply position the point at the center of the cross using a compass, and adjust the radius just slightly to achieve the desired image.

Here are the lines!

Step 2: Using a blueprint, we can outline our fruit in a half circle once again. The inner arc, which separates the fruit from the rhine, is much easier to draw after the structure is in place.

Here’s one thing you can do..

separating the fruit from the rhine
drawing the inner arc
drawing the inner side
color the watermelon

Once you’ve mastered the half circle version, which makes the fruit’s spherical shape obvious, you can then experiment with other colors and shapes. 

Have you ever heard of those ‘Box-Shaped Watermelons’? What about if their center is yellow rather than pink? Are they seedless?

I look forward to seeing you next time!

Method 4: Draw a Watermelon for Kids

Step 1: Draw a slice

Draw a slice

Create a rough sketch of the watermelon wedge. In the top left corner, a horizontal line connects a semicircle.

Step 2: Draw the peel

Draw the peel

In addition to the ripe and juicy flesh, the watermelon also has a dense rind. Draw another semicircle a few centimeters from the edge.

Step 3: Draw the bones

Draw the bones

Fruits and berries are least favorite because of their bones. They keep coming across and need to be spit out. We can draw them on a wedge since almost all watermelons have them. The circles will be small.

Step 4: Draw the base of the watermelon

Draw the base of the watermelon

The watermelon needs to be drawn now. In the center of the watermelon, trace the outline of a circle.

Step 5: Draw a ponytail

Draw a ponytail

The watermelon circle should be topped with a ponytail. Fresh watermelons can be identified and selected by their tails. Fresher and tastier berries will have a greener tail.

Step 6: Draw stripes

Draw stripes

The whole watermelon should be striped. Watermelon stripes will be created by wavy lines coming from the top of the head.

Step 7: Color in the drawing

Color in the drawing

Take the green and red pencils and begin coloring. Almost everything is already in place.


I hope this step-by-step drawing tutorial helps you learn how to draw a watermelon. Next, how about drawing another fruit? If you’ve got a drawing tutorial request, let us know!

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